3 warning signs you need a new roof

a professional master (roofer) with electric screwdriver covers repairs the roof

A new roof costs a lot of money, so how do you know when it’s time to bite the bullet and splurge?


 The key is to keep your eye out for clues to what’s going on up above. Stay on top of it by remembering these three warning signs that you need a new roof.


1. Leaks

Any leak can be an indication that there is a problem with your roof, so it is important to inspect for leaks as a regular part of your seasonal maintenance. Normally it is recommended that you do a visual inspection of the roof at least twice a year, before the cold weather sets in and when spring comes.

Make sure to inspect the roof from the outside as well as from the inside of the attic. Use a flashlight to climb up under the eaves and look for beams of light coming through the top of the house or stains and streaks, which can be signs of water damage.

You should also check for:

  • Damp smells
  • Sagging roof structure
  • Spots, mould
  • Insulation that appears to be in poor condition

If you do find a problem, deal with it as soon as possible. Prioritise eliminating leaks, as moisture damage can be devastating to the structure of a home and cause long term compound issues like mould or mildew.

2. Signs of wear and tear

It is important to always be on the lookout for signs of wear and tear on your roof. These will vary depending on what type of roofing material you used, but in general it is good practice to consistently check for:

3. Neighbours are getting new roofs

Homes built close together around the same time period experience the same types of weather conditions, so they tend to require similar levels of maintenance.

Therefore, if several other homes in your area are getting new roofs, it could definitely be an indication that your roof is also approaching the end of its useful lifetime.

Do I need a new roof?

Many roofs come with a warranty for 10 – 20, sometimes 30 years. However, environmental factors can change that drastically. That’s why it is important to look for warning signs your roof may be breaking down, no matter what age it is. The older a roof getsthe more we should keep an eye out for these signs, remembering it will always need to be replaced eventually.

The choice of when to do it is yours, but remember: holding out too long on the investment in a new roof can cause other issues to affect the structure of your home, so it is best to replace before you get any major problems.

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