5 Mistakes to Avoid When Renovating Your Kitchen


If you’ve made the decision to renovate your kitchen this year, be sure to avoid the following 5 mistakes


1. Not analyzing your needs
“How will I be using my kitchen?” This may sound trivial, but a person who lives alone will not be using their kitchen in the same way as a family with three growing teenagers! If you’re an avid chef, a slightly larger work surface may be an option to consider.

2. Ignoring the kitchen triangle theory – cooking, cleaning, storing
Efficiency and ergonomics are a must in any kitchen. To achieve this, the three main work areas should form an equidistant triangle. These are the cooking area (stove), the cleaning area (sink/dishwasher) and the storage area (fridge). Not taking the triangle theory into account, by placing your refrigerator at the other end of the kitchen or placing your dishwasher far from your storage area, for example, is a mistake that you will regret on a daily basis.

3. Underestimating the plumbing
When renovating, no one knows what to expect before opening a wall or examining the plumbing. If the location of the dishwasher or sink changes, it’s important to plan additional work with the help of a professional. Even adding a fridge with a water and ice dispenser will require modifications.


4. Neglecting storage spac

Storage is one of the keys to a functional, user-friendly kitchen. When planning a kitchen renovation, the focus is often on materials and appliances. Make an inventory of what you need to store, add a little extra for future purchases, then try to maximize what you have in existing cabinets. To improve the existing space, adding shelves, a storage rack or a walk-in pantry can be considered, but it’s better to think about this before starting your renovation work.

5. Forgetting about lighting

A dark kitchen is one that will make you gloomy. To fully enjoy this central part of our lives, good lighting is essential. Light sources should cover all corners of the work surfaces and eating areas. By combining different types of lighting depending on the location (track lights, recessed lighting, suspended lights, etc.), the problem will be quickly solved. In addition to making the kitchen functional, proper lighting will highlight the elements of your renovation that you’re proud of.