6 budget-friendly tips for apartment decor

Table with flowers on carpet in apartment interior with posters above sofa near armchair. Real photo

An attractive apartment decor is achievable even on a budget. Tenants must often make do with walls, floors and other finishes that can be characterless and dull.


It’s simple to jazz up a rented space and take your apartment from dull to dazzling. We hope our 6 budget-friendly design tips inspire you to personalize your space with your own style and flair.

Light it up

Adding the right lighting is an easy and affordable way to transform your apartment. Think top to bottom when lighting your space. Ceiling lights are a must-have for a soft glow and work-friendly lighting. Backlight your art pieces, or add small accent lights here and there for extra nuance.

A pop of colour

Colourful accent pillows, planters, photo frames, area rugs or a cozy throw tossed over a chair can enliven a room. Inexpensive and easily replaced, they’re a great way to refresh your decor.

Plants: so pretty

Indoor plants are a wonderful and affordable way to brighten an otherwise neutral setting. Visit your local florist, accept a clipping from a neighbour or pick one up at a big-box store. Consider succulents for an easily maintained mini-garden. Artificial plants add a dash of colour and require no maintenance at all!

Balcony beauty

Tiny balcony? Your own personal patio! Look for cute, compact furniture pieces and spice them up with splashes of colour. A flower box adds charm and personality.

Vintage finds

Love thrifting? Second-hand stores, antique shops, and springtime garage sales can yield a bevy of treasures for your home. Seek out durable materials, and consider a coat of paint to make something old and shabby new again, and entirely yours.

Love thy living room

You may spend more time in the living room than anywhere else in the apartment. Get the most comfortable chair you can find, along with a good coffee table. Dress up the room with pieces that help you relax.

Sometimes just a few small changes can make a big difference in your apartment decor. It doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated!

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