Our Mission

A team of real estate and financial professionals with the mission to facilitate the accessibility to home ownership all over the greater Montreal area. Armed with up-to-date market expertise and knowledge, every broker on the team is positioned as a strategic advisor to help you achieve your real estate goals. 

Our Story

The BachaKanaan team was founded out of the necessity of having a real estate team with an innovative approach to residential housing. With each passing year, home prices continue to increase and millennials are having an increasingly harder time finding their dream homes. 

With this in mind, Remy and Karim decided to join together to leverage their market expertise, networks and individual skills to help connect buyers and sellers in mutually successful transactions. With extensive experience in investing, banking, financing and accounting, the members of the team are able to provide unique perspectives and solutions to todays competitive market.

At the BachaKanaan team, we believe in doing real estate differently. Our social media driven approach allows us to connect, educate and serve an audience that was previously unaccessible to most. 

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